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Flexible PCB

The flexible PCB is designed for providing more modernized electronics packaging. These are ideal for anyone seeking a middle ground between printed circuit boards and round wires. It provides an unrestricted packaging freedom to fulfill your density requirements while still achieving the replication ease of rigid printed circuit boards. American Circuit Technology works hard to provide fine line, tight tolerance, detail circuits on any type of medium from single-layer, double-layer, multiple layers, and rigid-flex combination. PCB 4 layers allow for signals to run on the inside of your board, you have the ability to pack more components within closer tolerances allowing for a more compact design. Multilayer boards will always be offered with an even number of layers on the PCB. The most common and practical are boards with layers of 4, 6, or 8. A common approach to Multilayer is to dedicate one layer to the ground plane while another is focused on power. Multilayer PCB is more complex to design because it is compact in structure but provides additional density in order to route power and signal tracks. Even it is possible to create odd number layers without exceeding cost benefit of an even layered board. Power is installed in inner layer that gives room available for signal tracks. 6 layer designing is really reserved for advanced routing. PCB multilayer design expands your routing options into multiple dimensions. We have the unique expertise in multilayer PCB because we understand that having a wide array of capabilities is necessary for the dynamic environment, which is why we focus in on manufacturing but also hold the ability to assist you in other aspects of the electronic manufacturing process from design to assembly. We provide circuits that offer many material composites and construction that have proven very effective for use in the aerospace industry. American circuit technology is unique among circuit board supplier because its expertise goes beyond electronics or testing and extends into meeting tight delivery deadlines that many of our competitors struggle to match. Our capacity to deliver 24-hour turnaround times for 1 or 2-layer Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) has maintained constant even in our present growth cycles.  Our 1-day turnaround time even extends into some multi-layer PCBs depending on the complexity of your boards. Tight deadlines are nothing new to us.   For the last several years we have been fine-tuning our manufacturing, testing, quality control and delivery services to such a degree that clients are pleasantly surprised at how smooth, quick and reliable our turnkey services are.

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